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in collaboration with IQ BALAM - Juan José Chiriz Cuat and the collective Recherche AG

Installation in the urban and digital space, 2022


Visit the website of the project for all the informations:

The Maya Zug Project is a transdisciplinary and collaborative project that seeks to question the lens through which we see and analyze the world and our reality.

What is progress? Is a train really synonymous with progress? What roles play science in our perception of the world? Is there another narrative, that has been erased during the colonial project, that offers an alternative way of reading and perceiving reality?

The dominant narrative has historically silenced a large and complex variety of stories, tales and fables that tell a subversive and resistant narrative. Indigenous narratives are an example of the subversive power of stories. Indeed they subvert and re-create what the Western academy puts forward as valid ways of knowing and present alternatives to it. In the face of colonial extermination, the articulation of Indigenous stories and tales are inherently resistant and threatening.​


  • In the streets, stations and trains around you…

  • ‘THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG – Räume für Aktivierung’ - Art in the urban space on the Marzahner Promenade,          Group show, Berlin 2022

  • Official Selection Human Rights, Design Democracy, Online Competition 2022

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