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Urban Installation, Italy, 2014

In the last century Venice has sunk about 26 cm in total, the historic center of the city is only 90 cm high above sea level.

The astronomical tides, the motion of the stars and the meteorological contribution are primary reasons for this phenomenon, but it has been shown that especially in the last decades the impact of high water has increased significantly both in terms of frequency and impetus due to interventions made to the territory by man's hand.

During the twentieth century, in fact, the actions implemented to modify the lagoon territory have been remarkable; the most influential were the construction of the industrial area of Porto Marghera, the digging of the Canale dei Petroli and the construction of the breakwaters.
These interventions on the territory have profoundly transformed the lagoon ecosystem, with the consequent reaction of the water, the preeminent natural element of this territory.

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