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International group exhibition

2021 June, London, United Kingdom

We will be screening Chiara Faggionato and Juan Jose Chiriz Cuat’s AJAW Q'IJ (Guatemala, Germany 2021) as part of our evening of short films: ANIMISM ON FILM on 24 June.

AJAW Q'IJ centres around the festivities of two different cultures and spiritualities which are celebrated at the same time in Guatemala. In the ritual centres of ancient Mayan cities, Indigenous people celebrate the Equinox annually on the 21st of March to herald the rising of the sun and the beginning of a new period of fertility. A few days later, Christian Holy Week takes place, celebrated mainly in urban centres and especially in the city of Antigua, the former colonial capital.

ANIMISM ON FILM is presented in partnership with The Open University and looks at the Indigenous spiritual idea of Animism.

The streaming will be followed by a panel discussion with the filmmakers and author Graham Harvey, who has written books on animism and Indigenous spirituality.

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