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Barbie or not to be!
Re-thinking superheroines*

Art Workshop

2024, June, Berlin, Germany

Art workshop Barbie or not to be! Re-thinking superheroines*

with Chiara Faggionato and Lina Mazenett

Would you like to imagine and create new superheroines*? 🪄

Then come along! We look forward to seeing you! 🧚‍♀️✨

When: Saturdays 11:00 to 15:00

01.06, 08.06, 15.06, 22.06, 29.06, 06.07

Where: Pia Olymp Am Berl 25 13051 Berlin

S-Bahn Wartenberg

Last year, the 'Barbie' movie was released. Barbie could be considered an "inspirational" female figure and even a superheroine. However, Barbie does not represent the diversity and complexity of womxn in real life. Mainstream culture still lacks representation of female figures or superheroines who challenge conventional gender stereotypes.

Through an artistic workshop, FLINTA* pre-teens and teens will have the opportunity to create their own superheroine* dolls using recycled Barbies and various art techniques such as sculpture, painting, and collage. This creative process will invite them to imagine superheroines* that reflect their personal identities and histories. At the end of the workshop, we will collaborate on shooting a video in which they present the superpowers and skills of their newly created superheroines*.

The workshop aims for FLINTA* pre-teens and teens to creatively explore their understanding of superheroines*, thereby questioning mainstream culture and the gender stereotypes it perpetuates.

By creating a safer space for mutual exchange, diverse identities will be acknowledged and valued. Furthermore, they will be invited to reflect on the superpowers of womxn. These are not only seen as something supernatural but are also grounded in real-life experiences, encompassing challenges and setbacks that FLINTA* face daily. The workshop seeks to inspire participants to embrace more self-confidence in their imagination and personal narratives, fostering empowerment along the way.

The project is supported by the Berliner Kulturfonds Kulturelle Bildung and the Bezirksamt Lichtenberg and is sponsored by Onkel Philipps Spielzeugwerkstatt.

Barbie or not to be!           
Re-thinking superheroines*
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