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Biophilia International Film Festival

International film festival

2021 November, Mexico City, Mexico

'AJAW Q'IJ' wins the First Prize Raíz as Best International Short Documentary at Biophilia International Film Festival in Mexico City.

Biophilia is a concept based on respect and love for life and living beings.

Our essence is hidden in the earth, inside everything converges, an infinite cycle that reveals being: sprouting, intertwining, flourishing, and later, being a seed that fell to germinate again. We celebrate the connection of man with the earth, and how from this link, we are able to perceive and build our surroundings, recognize ourselves in the gaze of the other, or ignore a little about our being.

The festival activities take place in the month of November, we carry out face-to-face and online activities creating links in two states of Mexico: the State of Mexico and Oaxaca.

We receive cinematographic and audiovisual works that address the following concepts: Biophilia, ecology, nature, native peoples, traditions, collective memory, cosmogony and rituals. The extension is free as well as the genres: fiction, non-fiction, animation, experimental and hybrids.

Biophilia International Film Festival
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