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Feet in the Water, Eyes on the Land

Group exhibition

2020 October, Venice, Italy

On Friday October 16, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, the first screening of “Feet in the Water, Eyes on the Land” will be held at Ocean Space a series of documentaries and art films thought up by fellow Pietro Consolandi, which relate to the fluidity between water and air in the Venetian lagoon and beyond.

The first screening will be dedicated to a selection of short films made in Venice by the participants of the Documentary Cinema Laboratory at the Visual Arts Department of Università Iuav di Venezia selected in collaboration with Marco Bertozzi and Matteo Primiterra.

Film screened: "Ardeidae" by Chiara Faggionato, Daniele Tucci and Corrado Chiatti

About Ocean Space:

Located in the Church of San Lorenzo in Venice, Ocean Space is a planetary center for exhibitions, research and public programs catalyzing critical ocean literacy, collaborative research, and environmental advocacy through the arts. Established and led by TBA21–Academy and building on its expansive work, this embassy for the Ocean fosters wonder, engagement, and collective action.

Ocean Space opened to the public in 2019 with the exhibition “Moving Off the Land II” by Joan Jonas, having been largely closed to the public for over 100 years and after extensive renovations, which were finished in early 2020. Ocean Space operates an annual program and is open to the public from spring to autumn.

Feet in the Water, Eyes on the Land
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