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Ooty Short Film Festival

International film festival

2022 December, Ooty, India

The Ooty Short Film Festival is produced by the Nilgiris Film Club (NFC), a pioneering film club in the mountains of the Western Ghats. The festival provides filmmakers a platform for conversation, professional networking and development.

We aim to curate a program that embodies a unique and original artistic vision. Our focus is on showcasing short films that boldly push the boundaries of both form and concept, opening up numerous avenues for interpretation and understanding.

In our pursuit of this vision, we have a special interest in works created by emerging filmmakers and artist-made shorts. We believe that these voices often bring fresh and innovative perspectives to the cinematic landscape, making them a vital part of our program.

This festival extends a warm invitation to filmmakers from all corners of the globe to come and share the magic of independent short films.

Throughout its history, the event has grown and evolved, offering attendees not only a vibrant selection of short films but also an array of enriching cultural activities. These include engaging Q&A sessions, hands-on workshops, and captivating exhibitions.

The festival boasts curated sections featuring some of the most exceptional experimental and artist-made short films, promising a truly diverse and inspiring cinematic experience for all who attend.

Ooty Short Film Festival
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