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Orient Station

Art walk

2023 July, Berlin, Germany

In the grocery aisles and public squares, on billboards and in the parks: beyond monuments and ethnographic collections, the everyday is postcolonial.

The 9 participating artists and researchers have created interventions into the postcolonial technologies that are widespread in common urban spaces. From performances centering the body to sneaky stickers, the actions in the festival choose different tactics to meet people where we live and repeat codes of domination.

On Saturday, you are invited to experience 5 different and subtle approaches to visualising and breaking colonial continuities in the microcosm of Müllerstraße, in Wedding.

Postcoloniality, here, is seen as a current, contested state of the city, which results from past and ongoing colonisations, and the economies, social hierarchies, and cultural encounters that they create. It takes various shapes in the rules of a square, in the techno- and biopolitics of paid public toilets and surveillance mirrors, in hybrid cultural practices on our shops and sidewalks, and in the delicious “Others” that we buy from the supermarket shelves. 

Public tour: Saturday, July 22nd, 3-4.30pm. 

Starting at the Elise-und-Otto-Hempel-Platz (Rathaus Wedding).

Ending with drinks and discussion at Gerichtstraße 45 (Hopscotch Reading Room event space).

Participating artists: Stella Wein, Toni Kleinschmidt, Julianne Chua, Anouk Vollmer, Lucia Alfaro Valencia, Chiara Faggionato, Lia Mosch, Justine Weidemann, Marina Resende

Organised by Marina Resende and Jakob Wirth

Orient Station
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