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Religion Today Film Festival

International film festival

2021 September, Trento, Italy

From 22 to 29 September 2021 Religion Today Film Festival will return to the Teatro San Marco and the cinemas of Trento to bring hope after two difficult years, recounting the beauty of the journey and pilgrimage: "Nomads in the Faith" will be an edition focused on the search; the search for the other and for God, in whatever form or creed.

The numerous films in competition confirm the positive trend of recent years. A total of 83 films - selected from over 1400 entries - are taking part, from 36 different countries and divided into five categories: documentary, short documentary, feature film, short film and animation.

The importance of the work carried out by the Religion Today Film Festival over the years is the result of numerous partnerships and of the quality of the guest directors, who every year participate in the event with interest and enthusiasm.

As every year, there will be book presentations, national and international guests and, in particular, the "Tent of Abraham", which from Monday 20 September will welcome to Piazza Fiera anyone wishing to find out more about the Festival, exchange views or take part in the numerous events organised.

Religion Today is the Festival of comparison, of enriching diversity, of the exploration of the other and of oneself: a real interior journey in search of God, and then a real journey towards the other.

Religion Today Film Festival, born in 1997 as a pioneer of spiritual and interreligious cinema in Italy, celebrated its 25th anniversary. This cultural event annually offers us the opportunity to reflect on its evolution and its role within society.

Along its journey, the Religion Today festival has blazed a remarkable trail, creating a universal connection with religious cinema that is now recognized and admired across the globe. The festival not only presents films, but acts as a journey for works and, more significantly, for minds and visions.

Religion Today Film Festival
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