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Summoning - Vorspiel transmediale Festival

International group exhibition

2022 February, Online / Berlin, Germany

OKTA Collective presents: Summoning, including an online exhibition and film screening curated by Dovile Aleksaite, Lucy Kerr, and Alisi Telengut. The program features international artists working in film, video, writing, painting and photography, and revolves around witchcraft, ritual, and enchantment. The exhibition is based on the premise of the “witch” as it relates not only to women, but also to queerness, wilderness, and pre-modernist and non-Eurocentric belief systems.


Summoning Film Screening

Through explorations of the body and the horizon that orients and disorients it, questions of memory, ancestry, and the rituals that sustain them, the films explore, transnationally, a collective grasping at the buried, the invisible, the unknowable. Featuring film/video work by Zoe Aiano, Yen-Chao, Stephanie Barber, Chiara Faggionato, Jurgis Lietunovas, and Mateo Vargas, followed by a live-streamed discussion with screening and exhibition artists.


Virtual Online Exhibition

Mingle and discuss with the artists and curators in the sublime virtual landscape, encountering pieces that explore intimate hauntings and ecstasies, alchemical interventions with material and landscape, and rapturous excavations of Indigenous mythologies and histories.

The exhibition features work by Daniele Bongiovanni, Iryna Calinicenco, Sergey Dobrynov, Nurah Farahat, Christopher Gambino, Tobias König, Mazenett Quiroga, Tina Wilke, Henriette von Muenchhausen, Eva Pedroza, Marco Schmitt, Danielle Wakin, and Alejandro Zertuche.

Summoning - Vorspiel transmediale Festival
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