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tell the story or it goes

Video art & short film exhibition

2023 August, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

MATCA artspace

The exhibition “tell the story or it goes” originates in the idea that there are stories which cannot be postponed, which have an inherent urgency attached to them, a deeply personal urgency that requires that these stories are told, and above all, revealed at the right time.

Through the format of an open call for video art, a great opportunity arose: the possibility to showcase artist's work that is rarely seen on the local art scene.

The title of the exhibition was inspired by a misheard lyric by Canadian musician Bon Iver, from the original song Hey, Ma.

Curator: Irina Hentea

Artists: Ioana Gheorghiu | Gabriela Löffel | Chiara Faggionato | Stathis Roukas | Alina Panasenko | Vardit Goldner | Sumin Kim | Cristian Eduard Drăgan | Odem Leibovitz & Odelya Atlasovitch | Just wondering... /Collective | Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu | Lucia Mărneanu | Daria Corlațan | Ioana Țurcan & Gergana Ivanova | Jaliya The Bird | Sara Budrala | Marta Ciołkowska | Alina Tofan | Irena Paskali | Labros Kordolemis | Jialin Hong | Floriane Biner & Gaspard Perdrisat | Nicoleta Mureș | Teresa Leung | Ioana Rusu | Špela Trošt & Tomaž Grom

tell the story or it goes
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