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The Privilege of Dreaming

International group exhibition

2022 March, Berlin, Germany

How to dream collectively? After many months of collective work and with this question in our hearts we invite you for the first activations of PRIVILEGE OF DREAMING at Haus der Statistik.

THE PRIVILEGE OF DREAMING is a mobile installation + intersectional learning platform. We are growing a network of humans, other-than-humans, and initiatives while approaching topics of privilege, dreams, resistance, and empathy across borders, and beyond academic contexts. It embraces the challenges of continuing to dream in a wicked world by acknowledging structural inequalities and sharing resources.

Our dream is to offer free-of-charge IRL + URL hubs for encounters, critical cultural research, and transdisciplinary exhibition projects. We embrace the challenges of dreaming in a wicked world, by acknowledging structural inequalities and sharing resources.

POD is being activated for the first time as part of the group show POSITIONED REALITIES curated by Non-Depleted on view at Haus der Statistik from 4.03 - 27.03.

Plural conditions for change are knocking on our doors. How we position ourselves is instrumental to fostering other ways of being and sensing—away from a gaze that declares universality. While we actively embrace difference and the communal. Strategies to think of exits and alternatives beyond the modern/colonial order and its endless shortcomings.

The Privilege of Dreaming
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