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International group exhibition

2022 June / August, Berlin, Germany

A group of international artists creates an opportunity for encounters. The local people in Marzahn will be invited to experience art and participate in cultural events along the Marzahner Promenade. From 25 June to 13 August, a total of 50 events will take place: talks, film evenings, walks, encounters, workshops and poster art. People will have the opportunity to participate in the production of artworks by sewing, weaving, painting, drawing, singing or speaking. Every day, the exhibition in the Galerie M project space will continue to grow.

The project focuses on social and global justice and deals with topics such as equal rights, the role of women* in society, solidarity, environmental protection and indigenous positions, gentrification and current urban development. The project tests ways of staging and communicating art in public space.

The artistic path in progress will become visible in the neighbourhood of the Galerie M project space. The participation of the residents is important for the basic idea of the exhibition: the individual interventions on the Marzahn Promenade aim to challenge the participants' understanding of art and to create new possibilities for exchange.

Participating artists: Forough Absalan, Lucía Alfaro Valencia, Rebecca Dantas, Chiara Faggionato, Fenia Franz, Julia Maier, Mazenett Quiroga, Helena Ospina Lizarralde, Mizgna Rengin, Marina Resende Santos, Gabriele Wonja Richter, Aminta Seck, Lotti Seebeck und Saskia Schiemann, Georg Scherlin, Jeanne Schmidt, Bahzad Sulaiman, Xiaoyu Tang, Polina Trischkina

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