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Venice Architecture Film Festival

International film festival

2021 August / September, Venice, Italy

Venice Architecture Film Festival is an annual event aimed at recognizing issues relevant to architecture, the use of public space and sense of community.

Through the contents of the selected movies, documentaries and animation and short movies, the festival poses questions: What makes a place livable? In what cities we want to live in? What kind of vibrant place for the social and cultural development we wish to create?

The festival is a journey to explore the perception of cities as places for cultural and social development and speaks about architecture from an anthropological perspective and as a tool to shape our society.

The festival spun on a five-day schedule, from the 1st to the 5th of September 2021 at the Giardini della Marinaressa, facing the Bacino di San Marco, in Venice. For its second edition, the VAFF 2021, the program included three main sections.

The Architecture Short Film Competition

The competition is open and free. The films will have a duration of preferably 15 minutes and will deal with the theme Communities.

The selected films deal with issues related to the different dimensions and meanings of contemporary architecture, with particular regard and exploration on the themes of the city, the landscape, the use and re-appropriation of public space, sociability of sharing and neighborhood life.

Every place, big or small, helps identify a community: from the family to the social sphere, from the artistic to the intellectual scene, from the mountain to the urban landscapes, from the supportive to the popular community, from the nomadic to the settled society.

VAFF/Films And International relations

For the further exploration and deeper research upon the theme of community, VAFF presents a selection of long films. The selection has been created thanks to the collaboration with a larger network of professionals in the field.

On the occasion of the 2021 festival we will present films in cooperation with the Canadian Centre of Architecture, BARQFestival, Move Cine Arch. More info about the program and detailed list of contents will be soon published.


As a growing path and an inspiring source of creativity, the VAFF is pleased to announce the section VAFF/ fringe in cooperation with two of the leading universities to present the perspective and genius of young talents. For 2021 we will present a selection of the best films of the students from the IUAV University of Venice - Department of Architecture and Arts and the AA school of architecture of London.

Venice Architecture Film Festival
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