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Videobardo - International Videopoetry Festival

International film festival

2023 November / December, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Videobardo International Videopoetry Festival will be held in November in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Nov 23: Avellaneda Municipal Art Center

24 Nov: Mariano Moreno National Library

1st to 3rd of December: The Cultural San Martin

The festival brings together different activities: single-channel video poetry screenings, video installations, poetry readings, workshops, poetry performances, visual poetry exhibitions, talks and seminars. All these activities make the festival a space for disseminating the production of video poetry artists and other related manifestations, bringing the public closer to the new productions of contemporary art.

We define video poetry as a hybrid and transdisciplinary genre of contemporary art related to experimental poetry, video art and new technologies. The disciplines it encompasses are: video poetry, poetry, performance, visual poetry and sound poetry.

VideoBardo is a collective of poets and artists based in Buenos Aires, which aims to archive, disseminate, research, theoretical debate, production and training on the language of video poetry. We understand Videopoetry to be those audiovisual works in which the poetic verbal language (word, letter, speech, speech, writing, visual or sound sign) has a leading role or special transformative treatment. So that the three fields: Moving Image, Sound and Verbal Language dialogue to create a reality that is the Videopoetic Work.

VideoBardo began its activities in 1996 and became the most important international archive in this genre, bringing together video pieces from all over the world. Among its activities, the organisation of the International Videopoetry Festival stands out, in which events, exhibitions, symposiums, seminars and workshops have been programmed in different and outstanding venues.

Videobardo - International Videopoetry Festival
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