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Vizantrop - Festival of Engaged Ethnographic Film

International film festival

2023 November, Belgrade, Serbia

Festival of engaged ethnographic film “Vizantrop” seeks to collect audiovisual productions of domestic and international authors of ethnographic and engaged films from the region, and to show their perception of cultural and social problems, as well as ways of overcoming those problems. With this festival, the authors and the audience build a dialogue of togetherness, in which the goal is to show and accept diversity among identities and ethnic groups throughout Europe. “Vizantrop” brings together young people from the region and Europe who will participate in various panels dealing with the relationship between social engagement and film (documentary / ethnographic) creativity.

Every year, the selection committee selects the latest works from domestic and international ethnographic film production, divided into four categories:

Competition category:

• Equality and community

Informative categories:

• Women’s film

• Ecology and social activism

• Student film


The mission of the festival is to encourage research and creative approaches in engaged anthropological films, to educate the audience on ways of observing and accepting the diversity of local, cultural traditions and to point out the importance of cultural specificities and the importance of preserving cultural heritage.

About Vizantrop:

Association “Vizantrop” is a non-profit association, founded for an indefinite period in order to achieve the objectives in the field of ethnology and anthropology and other social sciences and humanities, culture, education and the arts, with a focus on visual arts and scientific research.

The objectives of the Association are nurturing, development and dissemination of culture, education in the field of ethnographic and documentary film and art, with a focus on scientific practices and filmmaking.

Vizantrop - Festival of Engaged Ethnographic Film
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