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Working Title Film Festival @ Ferrovieri

Artist residency

2018 October / 2019 February, Vicenza, Italy

Three young directors under 35 (Davide Crudetti, Chiara Faggionato, Carlo Tartivita) tell the story of the suburbs, interweaving this narrative with the theme of work. The project will tell through cinema the story of the Ferrovieri district in Vicenza and its historically close relationship with work.

The association LIES - Laboratorio dell'inchiesta economica e sociale realised the project "Working Title Film Festival @ Ferrovieri", with the support of MiBAC and SIAE, within the initiative "Sillumina - Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura", bando "Periferie urbane" (Edition 2017), Cinema sector, promoted by SIAE and MiBAC (here the ranking).

The project recounted the Ferrovieri district in Vicenza and its historically close relationship with labour through the language of cinema, picking up the threads of the "Laboratorio Ferrovieri", a participatory investigation on/with the district, carried out in 2012 and whose results are published on the blog Laboratorio Ferrovieri.

The project consisted of 4 phases that took place between October 2018 and February 2019:

  • workshop involving the filmmakers and realities active in the neighbourhood (October 2018);

  • artistic residency for the filmmakers (October-December 2018);

  • film review at the Bocciodromo social centre with the preview presentation of the three documentary shorts resulting from the artistic residency, a live performance of super 8 video soundtracks provided by families in the neighbourhood, and 5 documentaries narrating the Italian suburbs (February 2019).

The three documentary shorts made as part of the project are: "Ferro" by Carlo Tartivita, "I diavoli dei campi" by Chiara Faggionato and "Edvige X." by Davide Crudetti.

Working Title Film Festival @ Ferrovieri
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